Darren currently runs two production music libraries:

In 2019, Darren founded the MCPS Production Music Library ‘Skylight Production Music’.

Skylight Production Music is an MCPS Production Music Library hosting a catalogue of music covering a range of genres, ready to be synchronised with any form of media.

Since Skylight is an MCPS Production Music Library, reliable licenses are provided through 'PRS For Music' and the catalogue falls under the MCPS blanket license for broadcasters in UK. 

Please note, you can still obtain a license for use outside of the UK. You can purchase a license to use any track globally here: https://musicshop.prsformusic.com/lmgr/

Darren continued into the world of production music with the launch of his music library 'DKC Music Service' as an alternative, non-MCPS option for customers.