‘Say It With A Song’ is a personalised bespoke songwriting service, the most special gift you will ever give.

Everyone always says ‘Oh, that’s our song!!’

But is it really? No. It wasn’t written about them, but what if you COULD have your own song? Written specifically about your relationship and your memories. Something special to keep for a life time…


That’s where Darren comes in..

“I will write, record and deliver to you, a personalised song written about your relationship with somebody. The lyrics will be written to reflect the feelings and emotions you want to deliver. The song will be something special that you can share with somebody for life. You choose the genre, the instruments, the lyrics, the tempo, wether it’s a happy or sad song (hopefully happy)!!

You can even include the name of the person the song will be written about in the lyrics! 

I truly believe this is the most special gift you could ever give!'”


‘Say It With A Song’ is the perfect gift for: 


First Dance


Valentine’s Day

Mothers/Fathers Day






Thank yous

Thinking Of You

Just Because I Care!

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote for your song, please contact: music@darrencampbell.co.uk