Composing and producing music from an early age has led Darren to become a competent audio engineer, specifically in the art of mastering music.

Darren is constantly producing new music for film, commercials, his production music libraries and for his own releases as a singer/songwriter. He has a trained ear for what sounds good commercially and has helped many artists with their releases.

What Is Audio Mastering?: Mastering is an important final step in the production of your music. The mastering stage enhances a mix and involves making a series of small and subtle moves to create a final ‘polished’ stereo track. It also allows a fresh pair of ears listen to the track with a new perspective.

Please Note: Make sure you are completely happy with your mix before sending it to be mastered. A common misconception is that mastering will make a bad mix sound good. Mastering will not fix a bad sounding mix and it is not it’s purpose to do so. Therefore, it is vital that your finished mix sounds excellent before sending it out for mastering.

If you have any questions regarding mastering or would like to a quote for your project, contact: